Photo with a selection of music instruments

The Music School is situated in Broby but teaching is conducted at all municipal schools including *Färe. Teaching is mainly during leisure but children through grade 6 can in some cases be offered teaching during the school day. (Beginning in autumn 2020 students will no longer be granted leave for music lessons. The change is due to legal issues. Students will still be able to play during leisure school and after school on site.) The lessons are individually or in small groups, 20 – 30 min/week. Ensembles rehearse in Broby with the exception of children’s Choirs.

The purpose is to give all children and youth a chance to learn to play and sing. Education is open to everybody in the Municipality but children and youth a priority. Newly arrived refugees and immigrants living in Östra Göinge are welcome.

Instrument/subject first term 480 SEK, the following terms 650 SEK/term.
No reduction first term for high school students. Adults 1.000 SEK/term.
Ensemble/choir are normally free of charge for student who participate in a subject (instrument or voice). 200 SEK/term otherwise.
Multi child discount is given to the second child by 25%, and the third and following child by 50%.
Instrument rental fee 300 SEK/term (no multi child discount).

*Beginning in autumn 2020 most students at Färe will be offered music lessons at other schools.

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