SFI – Engelska

In the education of Swedish for Immigrants (SFI), you will acquire fundamental knowledge of the Swedish language. You will learn to speak, read, and write in Swedish and practice using the language in everyday life and the workplace. After completing the course, you will receive a grade. All teaching is free of charge.

The requirement to enroll in SFI is to have a legal residence permit, a Swedish personal identity number, and be registered in the municipality. Enrollment is continuous based on availability.

Content You will learn the basics of the Swedish language so that you can participate in Swedish society and everyday life. Teaching is conducted during the day or, in some cases, in the evening at your own pace. The teaching is based on the following elements:


Study Paths

The education consists of three different study paths, 1, 2, and 3, which are aimed at individuals with different backgrounds, circumstances, and goals. Study Path 1 is primarily for those with very limited educational background, and Study Path 3 is for those accustomed to studying. Within the various study paths, there are four different levels, A, B, C, and D. Teaching takes place in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening (for those who are employed).


You apply for SFI by contacting Mattias Edeslätt at Bygatan 5 (Tranan) in Sibbhult. The drop-in for applications is open every Tuesday between 13:00-14:30. For contact with Mattias, email mattias.edeslatt@ostragoinge.se