Visiting Sweden?

The covid-19 pandemic affects travelling and other activities in Sweden. Be sure to update yourself on the restrictions and regulations you need to be aware of if you are planning a stay in Sweden this summer.

Minimising the spread of covid-19
Stay at home if you are feeling ill with symptoms such as nasal congestion, respiratory infection, coughing, or fever, even with mild symptoms.

•    Avoid contact with people who are unwell.
•    Those aged over 70 are advised to limit contact with other people as far as possible.
•    Wash your hands often with hot water and soap.
•    Avoid touching your face and eyes. The infection is spread via mucous membranes in your eyes, nose and mouth.
•    Avoid going to parties and other social events.
•    Keep your distance from other people in public places.
•    Avoid travelling in rush hour traffic.
•    Avoid unnecessary journeys.

Ban on public gatherings of 50 people or more
Public gatherings and events may have a maximum of 50 participants. The police can cancel or disband a public gathering or event with more than 50 participants.

Swedish Healthcare for visitors
If you are on a visit in Sweden and become ill or get injured, call 1177 for information about illnesses and about Swedish healthcare. In case of emergency, call 112 for an ambulance.
During the covid-19 pandemic, there may be reductions in healthcare services because of the handling of covid-19. Do not visit a health centre (“vårdcentral”) if you have any symptoms associated with covid-19. Instead call 1177 where you will get medical advice from a registered nurse.

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